USA 2007
Idaho, Oregon and some Montana and Wyoming
it was hot !! 101 F (38 C)
Although far away from the main road, historical signs are everywhere.
In many stores you see this calender. So you know exactly if you can buy tobacco or alcohol.
Grizzly world Montana
in the mine a health affect (for many diseases)  was seen. It was found out that there was Radon present.
Hot springs rock in Wyoming
Bear world Idaho
This is a bridge and an aquaduct.
Shoshone falls, Idaho
If you can't see what the rock looks like, look at the sign !
Easy way to transport your animals/pets
The net is supposed to protect the road from falling rock
Even the church has a giant satellite disk. (better contact than praying? )
Wild water rafting. (looks more a lazy river!)
Many towns have a local history museum
Wagon of the Oregon trail
Display of the Oregontrail.
A nice guy from "Commercial tire" helps on sunday with changing the flat tire.
Resting on the verandah.
Look!. In the USA I am already a senior !!
When only half the wagon is left, you paint the rest on the wall.
Multnomah fall in Oregon
In many places you see this kind of drive thru coffeeshops. So no reason to go out of the car.
In front of the Grand Teton mountain
Elise, a grand-niece of Wilma, recently moved to Montana.
Despite a speedlimit of 25 miles, a serious trafficaccident happened in Yellowstone park.
What shall we do tomorrow?
Enjoying the chinese meal.
Hiking in Teton national park
In Emigrant lots of newspaper readers, but not so modern cars.
In Wyoming you find many Jackelopes.